Bridesmaids wear champagne bridesmaid dresses in satin by Miabelle

Bridesmaids wear style Astrid by Miabelle in Champagne Satin. Bridesmaid dresses from Blush Bridal in Fraserburgh. Photographed by Christie Johnston.

Neutral wedding palettes are HUGE for 2024/25 and champagne bridesmaid dresses are one of the most classy and hottest trends around! It’s no secret that we love a neutral colour palette so let us tell you why you should consider this colour as the theme for your wedding…

Before you start going crazy and pinning all the colours of the rainbow, maybe take a moment to think about a simplistic neutral palette and why it could work for you. We’re talking about all those yummy, delicious Champagne, gold and beige colours which work beautifully, especially in satin fabrics. Even Ivory is now a really popular trend where once upon a time, it was a NO GO!

Spring wedding or winter wedding? It doesn’t matter. Because champagne and tones like nude and gold, are the type of colours which pair perfectly in either season. Classy and neutral, champagne in particular, represents luxury, sophistication, and celebration.

So why choose champagne as your colour theme?

This stunning hue is the perfect choice for a chic and stylish wedding, especially for brides who are after some designer elegance. Let’s discuss and explore the world of champagne bridesmaid dresses, and how to make them the stars of YOUR wedding day.

Irish wedding in church wearing champagne neutral bridesmaid dresses by Miabelle
Bridesmaids wear style Saint by Miabelle in Mink Satin. Bridesmaid dresses from Creative Ideas Bridal in Armagh.

A neutral tone such as champagne, quite simply, effortlessly adds a touch of class to any wedding. A warm, neutral hue complements a wide range of skin tones and works seamlessly with other colours in your wedding palette. It’s no wonder that champagne bridesmaid dresses are already one of the most pinned bridesmaid trends this year.

Here’s our 3 reasons why you should look to a neutral palette and consider champagne as your bridesmaid colour…

It’s easy to wear.

There are various shades, from nude, to gold, to metallic. Therefore, it’s an easy colour for all skin tones. Because it is a neutral, you can pair it with bright tones, such as a pop of hot pink or go minimalist and pair with black or burgundy.

It’s Timeless.

Champagne tones never date. Neutral is just so classy! And it is more modern now than ever before. With an air of old Hollywood glamour, choose champagne-coloured dresses if you want to evoke a sense of luxury and refinement.


Champagne bridesmaid dresses can be easily paired with a variety of wedding themes. We’ve seen our neutral shades of Mink, Champagne and Creme feature in rustic weddings, vintage inspired weddings, boho weddings and black-tie weddings. The understated glamour of a neutral palette blends seamlessly with any wedding setting. It truly is, a versatile colour which can suit any season, any vibe!

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Bridesmaids wear style Astrid in Mink satin by Miabelle. Photographed by Christie Johnston.

5 Neutral Coloured Bridesmaid Dresses We Love

So now you know why we love neutral bridesmaid dresses so much, here’s our pick of some beautiful dresses in a palette of champagne and nude.


Mila by Miabelle, gold beige satin bridesmaid dress with flowers by Miabelle(3)

Mila cowl back bridesmaid dress in Gold Beige satin


Diaz satin bridesmaid dress in mink champagne

Diaz off-the-shoulder satin bridesmaid dress in Mink


Astrid Plus size satin bridesmaid dress in champagne mink nude colour

Astrid spaghetti strap cowl bridesmaid dress in Mink satin


Milan satin bridesmaid dress by Miabelle in cream beige satin

Milan wrap skirt satin bridesmaid dress in French Ivory


Cowl backless bridesmaid dress in pink nude crepe

Paloma cowl back bridesmaid dress in Pink Nude crepe


Accessorising Your Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

To bring out the best in your bridesmaid dresses, accessorising is key. Here are a few ideas to help you achieve a polished and cohesive look if you opt for a neutral shade…

Metallic Accents:
Gold or rose gold accessories, such as shoes, jewellery, and hairpieces, complement the warm tones and of course, ramp up the glamour!

Soft Floral Touches:
Delicate floral arrangements in soft, romantic hues like blush pink or ivory can create a stunning contrast with a champagne, gold or nude dress, adding a whimsical touch to your bridal party’s ensemble.

Bold Pops of Colour:
For a more dramatic look, consider incorporating bold, contrasting colours in your bridesmaids’ accessories or bouquets. Rich burgundy or deep navy can create a striking visual impact against a subtle champagne backdrop.

All in all, we think champagne-coloured bridesmaid dresses and neutral coloured dresses such as gold and nude, are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your wedding day. With their timeless appeal, versatility, and complementary nature, your bridal party are guaranteed to shine. So, raise a toast to the fabulous world of champagne bridesmaid dresses, and let’s make your dream wedding a reality! Cheers!



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